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SL has a lot of potential for good RP, but it also has the potential for frustration. The problem is that everyone has different expectations of why they are in-world and on-grid. I have tried to approach everything that happens as a potential to get into some sort of RP. All of us come to the table with different expectations, motives and reasons to be in-world. I decided a long time ago that I was going to enjoy my time and make the best out of whatever situation that was presented on a particular day.

Lots of space and time has been launched here about staying in character. Here is my take on it...

The ideal of staying in character means that the typist moves in the background like a scenery handler in a Kabuki theater. You know that they are there, but the typist is largely silent and moving in the shadows. This can be the toughest for a lot of folks, and can be really hard to achieve. It can also be frustrating for people who are not 'down with the program'. The next level is more like a marionette show. The typist is a bit more obvious, and tends to be more known than in the previous example. This is usually where most folks feel most comfortable, since you can throw out non-relevant things, and still stay on task. The lowest level is basically a person with a hand puppet. The character is there, but it's basically just an online face for someone else. This is the realm of new players, or most folks who hang out for the social aspects of SL.

Granted, I do like to babble with my friends about things that are not specifically character knowledge, or even time period or genre appropriate. I like attending social events. I am beginning to enjoy building things. With all this in mind, if I'm in-world, I'm in character. If there is something going on I am going to act on it in character.

The biggest issue has always been this...if you are waiting for an ideal situation to happen, then you may be waiting a long time. I'd rather roll with a less than perfect setup than sit around hoping a better deal will come along.

I'll gripe about god-mode, overuse of supernatural powers, and deus ex machina later...

This is my personal feelings on this potentially volatile topic. This does not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone other than the writer. Your mileage may vary. Results not typical. The writer is not an expert on this topic, but has been playing RP games for a long time (1980 or so) and has a plethora of been there done thats....


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