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Jed sat atop the Palisade wall in the little alcove overlooking the Fells. It had been a busy sort of week, with watching Beckett begin to square away the new squad of Marines, getting things ready for Fleet Week, and the general hubbub that seemed prevalent this time of year. So while everyone was otherwise engaged, she went to the armory, picked up her rifle and a few boxes of ammunition, and headed out to the wall. A quick circle around to the chip shop completed the provisioning for her expedition, and after a bit she found herself up on the wall overlooking the broad expanse that stretched out to the creek. The good news was her longstanding instructions were still in place, as curious as they seemed to anyone who might have observed it from the outside. On the edge of the creek there was a remnant of a brick wall, and on that wall stood a neat even row of objects. Old bottles, discarded bowling pins, oilcans, pails, and various other things stood there on the wall. One of the likely lads who wanted a bit of extra money would come by and say that the wall was in order to the tune of tuppence, and the tall redhead would return to her perch and clear them away.
She uncased the rifle and laid it on the sandbags she kept there as supports. This was the older of her two long-range Sharps, the one that signaled the end of the little surveillance episode that old Mureau tried to pull. It had been rebuilt since then, and fitted with a fine German made telescopic sight. Jed snuggled in behind the rifle, dropped the breech open and picked up one of the cigar sized cartridges, slipping it into the chamber. She pulled the stock into her shoulder, and looked into the eyepiece of the long ‘scope. She lined up on the dented KrakenOil can that sat at the left of the wall, then leaned back to examine the elevation settings on the base of the scope. Jed added two clicks up elevation, made a note in her notebook, and leaned back into the rifle. Her breathing slowed, deep in, half exhale, squeeze…
She dropped the breech with a well-practiced downward flip of her wrist, and waited a bit for the smoke to clear. The can had been removed from its place, and the large tonic bottle next to it remained in situ. Her hand was on a second cartridge when she noticed the line of black clad folks walking in from the Academy side of the Fells. Jed rolled the rifle around and looked at the line of students carrying all manner of crossbows, followed by Brothers Lapis and Rudyard.
“Well well,” Jed said to herself “what are you boys up to now?”


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