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Today we finally laid poor Juliana to rest. This has been a long process, from the initial recovery of the Amulet, to the recovery of the body, through the autopsy, to now.

Miss Janus started the service, and read two poems. After this, many of the mourners said their goodbyes and paid their respects to the poor girl before we closed the casket. The funeral procession was brief, as the cemetery was close to the chapel.

We still know so very little about her, this young girl called Juliana...where she was from, how she came into possession of the amulet, and what she went through there in the depths of the ocean. Beq has taken the girl's death hard, and while she is no stranger to personal tragedy, I fear that this may be harder on her than she has related to me. For my part in this, I have tried to maintain a level of objectiveness, to not be drawn into a swirl of superstition because of what I have seen and experienced. The mind has a great capacity for both rational and irrational thought, and it has taken a great deal of effort for me to stay focused and clear on this matter. The funeral was moving, and I was awash in emotions that I have tried to keep buried.

I have so many things to finish before this is done, and now I begin to question the timing of the events in town related to the old Imperial theater and this...I need to sort this out, to get some perspective on all of the events that are going on. Lines that appear parallel on the surface intersect at a great enough distance.


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