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Location: Undertone's Barbershop, Wheatstone Waterways (South Central Wheatstone Waterways)

Synopsis: On this date the Ladies Fire Brigade was summoned to the Undertone Barber shop on the report of a structure fire. On my arrival I saw a subject dressed in dark clothing running from the scene shouting “Let it burn! Let it burn!” The problem I faced immediately was that the fire posed a great risk to the adjoining structures, and as much as I wished to pursue the suspect my attentions were forced to turn to the fire.

Shortly after deploying my firefighting equipment, Mr Szuster arrived and he set off after the suspect. My initial feeling was that some sort of chemical accelerant had been used as the fire resisted any effort to be extinguished. The water that was sprayed on the structure only seemed to spread the flames around in the structure.

The Fire Brigade deployed several of its Firefighting airships to drop water on the structure, but this only served to contain the fire and prevent further damage to the nearby buildings.

Despite our best efforts the structure could not be saved. It is my determination that the building is beyond repair and cannot be salvaged.

Prior to the completion of the Fire Brigade's work, Mr Undertone searched the area and found a device that had been placed in a nearby building. He gave me the device for safekeeping and for analysis in the Agency's lab.

Based on my on-scene survey of the scene, I determined that there were multiple points of origin on the first floor. It appeared as if several devices had been set off both in the front and the rear of the structure. The intensity of the fire destroyed any evidence or materials at the scene.

Evidence: Small wooden cask, approximately 1 ½ gallons capacity. The cask had a simple time fuse ignition device, seated in a dry chemical initiation device. The cask contained a viscous liquid which chemical analysis showed was compromised of a mixture of coal oil, naphtha, quicklime, and sulfur. This combination would burn with a high heat, and also create an additional effect of burning with a greater intensity with the application of water.

The suspect is still at large at this time. The suspect has a knowledge of chemistry given his ability to mix and handle dangerous chemicals, and a strong desire to destroy property.

The investigation is ongoing.

Filed by:
Miss J. Dagger
Terranova Investigative Services
Aether Salon, 2nd Floor
#6 Academy Downs
Babbage Palisades, New Babbage


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