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Last night, the Iron Melee featured an infantry landing scenario as a modification of the scenario we ran last week. You might remember this from my previous post, where the Blue team was massacred to a fare-thee-well by the shore batteries. This week, the Blue team put together a landing party equipped with the MMCS sensors, and hit the ground to take the guns from the Red Team. The Blues had two ships in the water to take on the guns for the Reds, and the Reds had a guard force to protect the dockyard.

I can say with pride that the Blue Team won the scenario. I can also say that I died in a heap storming the gun positions 2 times out of 3. This was the first really effective 'combined ops' scenario we have run at Port Merrimac, and from initial indications it was not only fun but a success from an operations/tactical standpoint.

There were a few minor issues, from trying to shoot from 'no-rez' parcels (Don't hide behind the lucky chairs) to guns not working (apparently once you 'die' you need to sling and redraw the rifle to get it working again) to target identification (had a few cases of fratricide). The other point was that infantry begats infantry, iron begats iron. Ships can engage the guns, grunts can shoot grunts, but grunts can't shoot ships with rifles. Until we have a true universal system that works with vehicles and personnel, this is the lot we have to deal with. (we had a Tom Hanks versus the Tiger tank incident, apparently)

The basic MMCS system comes with a sword, and a Martini-Henry rifle, and is only 10L. There is a developers kit out, and I hope that more weapons will be available in the future.

The other bit of information I gleaned from this on a personal level was that had there been something like this in another scenario run recently, the outcome may have been the same, but the contention would have been eliminated.


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