Dec. 5th, 2012

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Casefile 06-GS12042012

4 Dec NByr6

Location: Szuster Works, Inc, Lindt Lane & Brunel Railway Babbage Palisade, New Babbage

Synopsis: On the evening of 4 December, the Fire Brigade was summoned to the factory complex owned by Gatsby Szuster. On arrival the structure was fully involved. Despite the best efforts of the Fire Brigade, the structure was a total loss. The fire was contained to the structure by the Fire Brigade. Initial on-scene investigation is complete, awaiting analysis of gathered evidence.

The investigation is ongoing.

Ms. J. Dagger, Senior Investigator
Terranova Investigative Services
#25 Merryman Way
New Babbage, New Babbage


Personal Journal
It had all the earmarks of a quiet evening at home. I had just settled down in the solarium to catch up on some correspondence when I started to smell smoke. Smelling smoke in New Babbage, along with explosions or strange flashes of light are not always a sign that one should be concerned or that you should panic. This time, however, I managed to catch a quick flash of light out of a window in Gatsby’s factory next door. The flash was followed by the characteristic SHAWHOOMP as the glass on several of the nearby windows blew out and was followed by flames and black smoke. I sat my book down, finished my drink, and hustled off downstairs to find my bunker gear.
I ran through the arch between the two buildings to find Sera with the old fire wagon in the alley next to the greenhouse. I grabbed a line and tried to start laying down a little water. The results were less than stellar. No matter how hard we tried, the lines were just not putting out much more than a trickle. I decided to go get the airship and see if it was going to help.
A few minutes later I was airborne and headed into trouble. I put the first bucket into the back building since it was closest to home, and headed out to the Fells to fill back up. Before it was over, I managed to dip out all the liquid water in the little pond next to Sera’s house, and make a severe dent in the little wide spot in the creek where all Kate’s girls like to go skinny-dipping. Finally after the 12th run or so, Sera flagged me in.
Apparently not only had we accumulated some spectators, we actually had some injuries. With me in the airship, and not on the ground to scream “MOVE YOUR BUTTS BACK!” someone got hurt when one of the walls turned loose.
Gatsby was looking concerned, as he normally does when something epic happens to one of his buildings. Lucky for me the apartment seemed largely undamaged, so I collected up my crimescene kit and began poking around the scene looking for a point of origin. Considering that one building was full of alcohol and god knows what else from the patent medicine factory, it was a miracle the damage wasn’t more extensive. I filed my report and headed back to the whirlpool to soak all the smoke out of myself.


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