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It was a typical Sunday in Babbage. I had been out of town working on a case (note to self-no more surveillance jobs in S********) and after grabbing a quick nap, I was off to the cafe for a cuppa and a danish. Just as I finished slipping my boots on, the aethergraph began to chatter, so I wandered over to see what on the reel. The last word on the reel stood out ---URGENT!URGENT! I pulled the paper off to the start tab and began to read...

To J Dagger
Fm A Dayafter
Most urgent. Come to lab. Situation critical. Need your assistance. NOW.

Knowing that he was not one for histrionics, I grabbed the Merwin, strapped up the thigh holster and headed for his office. The streets were strangely deserted, and I felt a bit of unease as I crossed through the port and headed to Gus' office. The door was locked, so I rang the bell and waited. There was a muffled noise behind the door, and I heard a familiar voice, tinged with fatigue.
"Who's there?"
"Are you alone?" I paused, and looked up and down the street.
"Far as I can tell.."
The door unbolted and opened, and I stepped in. Gus looked like hell.
We went into his lab, and it stunk like stale sweat and chemicals. He told me that there was a plague in town that was turning everyone into zombies. He told me he had a serum, but he needed a test subject.
This is where I came in.
The city is overrun with contagious zombies, and he wants me to bring one back.

I headed out towards the Palisades, still trying to come up with a plan.


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