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I was reading the 'evil doctor' post again Saturday, then I went out to work in the yard. As I was cutting the grass on the back 40, my muse came by. It amazes me how I can achieve clarity on a tractor...She may have a greek name, but she wears a John Deere shirt and probably has a Dale Jr tattoo.

We here in the 21st century have been too long exposed to the new modern hero, so our reactions to a villain are suitably modern and jaded. It dawned on me that we should be more Roy Rogers than Clint Eastwood. The good guys bring the bad guy in to stand trial, so they can be jailed to escape and wreak havoc again.

Think Dudley Do-right and Snidely Whiplash. Think Terry Thomas and Tony Curtis. Think old school Batman. Think about pre-Roger Moore Bond flicks. Bond never used an alias, and neither did Goldfinger. Even so, they went after each other as a part of the Evil Plan. I know in the real world MI6 would call the SAS in and would have blown Goldfinger straight to Hell on a cracker. Smersh would have sent in a covert team from Spetnaz to get Bond the same way. Fleming never did, since that thing just isn't cricket. Monologues are required of villains, just like heroes should have a feeble relative or a helpless hottie to be captured as a bargaining chip.

I'm sure someone may disagree, but that's what I see...

NEXT: in the immortal words of Duane Johnson, "Know your Role!"

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